the man

mbark boussoufa



veryone knows Mbark Boussoufa as football player, but who is the person behind the athlete? The three-time Golden Boot winner this week spoke openly about his life outside football.”I am an ordinary, simple boy,” said Mbark Boussoufa. My family and friends are most important in my life. I try to have fun like all twentysomethings have fun. I have normal hobbies. “My father underwent a heart surgery and I was actually more involved with him than with the Golden Shoe at that time. I have learned much from him. My dad always says a good man, suffice it to be honest and sincere. That is something I myself bear every day, but beware … if someone is not properly before me I can be very sharp also, mainly verbal, not physical. If someone wants to cheat me or rags, I will not let me be tempted to do it. I have character. ”
“I also try to be generous. If someone from my family or acquaintances ask, I will do anything to give them what they want. I have repeatedly offered to my parents for them to buy a bigger house in Amsterdam, but they do not want to move. I already bought two houses in Morocco, but I want to offer my father and mother also a great place to live in my hometown. I think that’s a normal thing, but they always say they like living in the apartment where I was raised. I understand they do. It is not small and they are close to everything, however it is not an easy area. “


lived in Brussels with one of my cousins. The rest of my family and some very good friends are always close to me. My best friends I’ve known of for my football career, but actually I have not many real friends. Not especially because as a professional footballer is difficult to form friendships, but I’m just comfortable with my cousins and brothers. With them I can be myself and I can say anything. If I amuse myself with them, you can always hear me having fun, but often I am also very quiet. Sometimes I lie on the couch thinking about football and life, I do not even hear someone talking to me. My mother is going bonkers … But sometimes it is good to try to analyze whether certain things go the way they go. ”


ometimes I think about a stable relationship and I look around. When you’re young, then you are partying. When you’re ready you’ll look for a serious girl. But until I found that serious girl, I’m always honest with the other girls I meet. If I just want to have fun with someone, I say so. I wish them no vain hope of a relationship. We can have fun, but things should be clear. Some women are only interested because I’m a famous footballer, but I notice that very quickly .┬áIf I ever go out, then I like to go to the cinema. I love movies. My favorite actors are Denzel Washington, John Travolta, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. I have seen all their movies. My absolute favorites are Scarface, Donnie Brasco and Goodfellas. Just great films! Sometimes I also go to concerts. I’m a fan of rap music. The French rapper La Fouine invited me to one of his performances and even called me on stage. I have danced.., but I’d never been a rap vocalist. Everyone has his own thing. I appreciate other rappers like Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg.”

“A football player also knows how to appreciate other sports. I love to watch boxing matches. Sometimes I look at the interviews of Mohamed Ali. That was a big man. In basketball, I love the NBA player Lebron James and my favorite football team is FC Barcelona. I follow as many matches possible. ”


travel a lot by playing football. I explored a lot of big cities like Los Angeles, Paris, London. A little celebration in Las Vegas was super and I’m mad about New York. There they see everything big. I went with the Moroccan national team to several countries in Africa but the difference is immense. I try a multicultural life. When I came to Belgium I wanted to quickly learn French when I came to live in Brussels. Meme Tchite was my first teacher and the past few years, assistant coach Daniel Renders helped me greatly to improve. In the national team, I met many players who played in France and some girls taught me some French (laughs). I try to set a good example for young people. It is important that immigrants and other guys can identify with someone.