the foundation

Boussoufa has not forgotten where he came from. He has therefore founded the Boussoufa Foundation. Click play to see the video.

-- The foundation

Mbark Boussoufa’s main goal is to provide financial and material support in health and education.

After several visits to Belgian hospitals and several donations for the sick, now Boussoufa handles the case of a Moroccan child with a serious illness requiring a large sum of money to cure. Boussoufa assumed the costs of the operation that requires the child, a bone marrow transplant, with a donation of some 100 thousand dirhams. Player of Lokomotiv Moscow has taken note of the case of the child during a visit to his charity to the Avicenna Hospital in Rabat and decided to intervene, reports Al Mountakhab site. Moreover, Boussoufa donated several well expensive medical devices, as well as gifts for patients at the same hospital.