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Eddy Benny

Snatch gives the name to his brand called:  EDDY BENNY

-- EB

Eddy Benny is a brand from France where Mbark Boussoufa is participating in.

About Eddy Benny: Ambitious at heart and passionate about fashion and haute couture, Snatch began his project and created his own brand. His encounter with two young designers, Nadia and Amel Ezzine, twin sisters, have enabled him to begin his project and make it happen. In fact they share the same ambitions: success and break into the world of fashion.

Harmony moves naturally between them, this agreement offers them particularly pleasant outlook ambitious ascent. Eddy Benny a casual chic spirit, for those that prefer a style that is both classroom and casual. Collections ambitious and forward-thinking and challenge that please the eye of connoisseurs.