Boussoufa v Siberia

Boussoufa is back!


For the Moroccan, this match was the first in the new season in the starting lineup. At the point of attack from the first minute there was a possession: 75% vs. 25%. “Siberia”, putting the match five defenders, sat in the defense and occasionally snapped at the counter. In the middle half slipped a cross into the penalty area, where he was grabbed by the neck Bukhryakov. Fissenko, do not hesitate to have the 11-meter Boussoufa took the penalty, half-volley shot just below the bar without a chance for Roma.


Mbark Boussoufa

Mbark Boussoufa


The Boussoufa Foundation

Boussoufa has not forgotten where he came from. He has therefore founded the Boussoufa Foundation.

– The foundation

Mbark Boussoufa’s main goal is to provide financial and material support in health and education.

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